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The history of the Kherson children's regional hospital development takes the beginning since 1964 when by order of Ministry of health of the USSR a children's municipal hospital has been reorganized in children's regional hospital on 150 beds. In 1975 construction of the new building on Ukrainskaja Street has been started. And in 1978 the new hospital has been actually built up, the first specialized children's units of the somatic structure and the specialized surgical units have been opened, number of beds has increased up to 450. In 1992 the six-storied building for children of early age was set in operation in which units of the specialized help to newborns, to children of early age, neonatal resuscitation unit, a medical-social follow-up care center for children of early age with CNS damage were organized.

Today, Kherson children's regional hospital is a modern multitype medical organization which unites in itself the third level functions of medical help to children of region and emergency hospital. Namely almost all kinds of specialized in-patient, urgent, out-patient, diagnostic, mobile urgent and planned medical service to the children population of region are practically concentrated on its base. Centralization of the specialized help is connected with the absence of municipal children's hospitals.

The Hero of Ukraine, the honored doctor of Ukraine Ljatetskaja Lyudmila Vladimirovna is at the head of the hospital.

In the hospital there are 15 profile clinical units with the general capacity - 540 beds, from them - 10 pediatric and 5 surgical; 2 units of anesthesiology and intensive care on 15 beds, including - 9 for newborn children.

On its capacity the hospital takes place among regional children's hospitals of Ukraine.

The annual volume of hospitalization makes 16-17 thousand children, up to 60 % of them - rural population.

The specialized help to children in a hospital provides by 21 profiles.

Newborn children receive medical help in the neonatal center which includes 2 units of neonatal profile on 50 beds, an anesthesiology and intensive care unit on 9 beds, mobile neonatal team for urgent help to newborn children in districts of our region and transportation of serious patients to the neonatal center. Modern equipment of the Center for transportation, medical treatment and general care of newborn children, use of high technologies, professionalism of medical workers have allowed to lower essentially a hospitalized lethality of children of early age, an infantile mortality level in the district and to increase quantity of premature children restored to health.

Children from 1 month of life up to 3 years with CNS damage are treated in the early medico social rehabilitation regional center on 30 beds. Medical - rehabilitational work is carried out by doctors - neurologists, physiatrists, orthopedists, ophthalmologists, geneticist, audiologist in cooperation with a children's psychologist, a logopedist, and a defectologist. In rehabilitational programs neuro development therapy of Bobat, method-reflex -locations of Voyta (diagnostics of movement disorders) are used.

Annually in surgical units about 4000 operative measures, including reconstructively - regenerative and plastic operations at congenital developmental anomalies at newborns from the first hours of life, neuro-surgical operations on head and spinal cord are carried out.

In the hospital about 8 medical - auxiliary units and services: endoscopic unit, ultrasonic diagnostics, functional diagnostics, radial and laboratory diagnostics; medical genetics and immunology laboratory is created, etc.

New methods of diagnostics, treatment and follow-up care of patients apply in practical activities.

In the advisory polyclinic the consultative help provides on 26 specialities. Capacity of a polyclinic makes 150 visits in day. Annual volume of visits is up to 90 thousand children. The day time hospital on 26 beds functions at the advisory polyclinic. "Asthma - school" and Diabetes mellitus school are organized for ill children and their parents.

The specialized medical service provides not only in walls of hospital, but by urgent calls of doctors - advisers to medical departments of city and districts of the region. Annually medical service experts carry out about 500 urgent visits, 90 % of them by mobile neonatal team to maternity departments of the region.

Kherson Children's Oblast Clinical Hospital is a center of organizational - methodical and analytical work. Out planned - advisory work is annually planned and is monthly carried out in districts of the region, including rural districts. Mobile teams of experts carry out about 200 departures in a year; about 4 thousand children are examined. Curator work in districts of the region is retained. Each district has the curator - doctor - pediatrist from Kherson Children's Oblast Clinical Hospital who annually visits districts of the region for rendering the organizational - methodical and advisory help.

Since 1994 the hospital has cooperated with scientific-and- practical medical center of childrens cardiology and cardiosurgery of Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Each child with a determined operable heart disease is referred to the Center. A mortality of children from congenital heart diseases for this period was reduced in 4 times. In 2010 the Agreement on cooperation with the Center is made, its purpose is to improve succession in diagnostics, treatment, supervision over children with heart diseases - carrying out of telemedical consultations. Doctors - cardiologists had an opportunity to communicate and exchange experience on the workplace in a real time regimen, to decide operatively about treatment tactics and patient referral to the V level of medical service.

In 2006 the section of operative control over a health state of newborns and children of 1-st year of life was open in hospital. Computer monitoring in districts of the region is worked through. Every day experienced experts carry out consultations and make guidelines to medical workers, parents on questions of feeding of children of early age and on healthy child nursing by "hot line" phones.

Since 2007 on the basis of a medical genetics unit "OMNI- NET for children" - an information resources center has worked. The center cooperates with Ukrainian - American alliance of birth defects prevention and is a component of Ukrainian American program.

For realization of UNICEF initiative " Hospital is well-wishing to a child " in medical - prophylactic institutions of the region and performance of the" Breast feeding support" national program " in the early age children unit a regional organizational - methodical center of breast feeding has worked since 2008.

Experts of hospital actively propagandize a healthy way of life; a vivid example is introduction of the program Life is your choice" in 2008, a purpose of which is to popularize the information on a tobacco smoke influence on a child and mother. All teenagers who are on hospitalization pass trainings by program "Dialogue".

In 2009 with the purpose of quality improvement of observation and examination of premature children health state a section of observation over children with small and extremely small body mass has been organized.

The hospital staff totals 1060 workers. On January, 01, 2013 there are in hospital: doctors - 130, 70 % from them have the first and the higher degree, paramedical personnel - 376, maintenance staff - 506. Annually doctors of the hospital take part in work of conferences, congresses, workshops of regional and state level, raising thus the professional level.

The hospital is a base for doctors - interns training.
The branch of the pediatry faculty and post graduation faculty of the Crimean state medical university named of S.N.Georgievsky works in hospital.

On the basis of hospital all-Ukrainian scientific - practical conferences, information courses and doctors training, advanced training courses for medical experts are carried out.

For years of existence the hospital was awarded with diplomas more than once.

In 2004 the hospital was the winner of the International Academic Rating of popularity "Gold fortune".

In 2008 the hospital was included in a number of winners of competition of the International welfare fund "Ukraine - 3000" by the program "From hospital to hospital". In the same year - one of the first among children's regional hospitals of Ukraine is given the status "Hospital is well-wishing to a child".

With the decision of the accreditation board of Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 30.07.2013 our hospital received a higher category accreditation certificate.

The team of the Kherson children's regional hospital does not stop on achieved. More many ideas are still necessary for introducing in life for the blessing of health of our children.

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