We have the necessary knowledge and experience to run quality diagnostics and treat children, and we love our profession. All we want is to make sure that every child who needs medical care is examined and treated in accordance with modern standards at the regional children’s clinical hospital.


The history of the Kherson Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital dates back to 1964 when a city children’s hospital was reorganised into a regional children’s hospital with 150 beds by order of the Ministry of Health of the Ukrainian SSR. 1975 saw the start of the construction of a new building on Ukrainska Street. And in 1978, a new hospital was actually built, the first special somatic children’s units and surgical departments were opened, the number of beds increased to 450 units. In 1992, a six-storey building for little children was put into operation. It included a special care baby unit, a neonatal intensive care unit, and a Centre for Medical and Social Rehabilitation for young children with CNS damage.



 81 Ukrainska Str., Kherson, 73013


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